1.There is a 32 day window from the day of purchase of the item to return it.
2.Technologies in use are of the respective brands.
3.Trademarks are owned by the respective brands.
4.All disputes are to be settled within the jurisdictional limits of the Kolkata high court.
5.Trademarks have been registered and patents filed.
6.You can reach out to us at contactus@gangabiz.com
7.All precaution to secure data available at hand have been taken,however as of today there are capabilities which exist among the powers of the day and using which almost any data can be compromised by them and therefore no warranty is available for security of user data.
8.By continuing to browse the website you give us express consent to use analytics and you agree to our terms of use.
9.The site uses embedded analytics and using which user information can be tracked.
10.If there is a return the user will have to pack the item well and send it to : 2a, Tower3, Radhachura apartment, Akankha complex, New town, Kolkata-161, West Bengal, India.
11.In exceptional cases there might be a return even after the 32 day period, however for that please contact us via email.
12.We are grateful to those who created the internet as without whose endeavors and toils this would not have been possible.
13.A part of the technology uses a GNU license , we are grateful to the creators of the technology.
14. We are grateful to all those organizations across the world who helped shape the net in its current form.
15. www.gangabiz.com is a business unit of the Debopriyo Sanyal Internet (OPC) Private Limited and as such we are grateful to all those who helped us in the forming stages either discretely or otherwise, owing to privacy needs we are keeping those names anonymous.
16.The creators of this platform (www.gangabiz.com) would like to express its gratitude to all from which they have learned including human,artificial or living to allow this endeavor come up to its current form.
17. The creators of this platform would like to express its gratitude to its partners(BIG partners) and most importantly the people who built, designed and engineered their technologies as without there brilliance,endeavor and toil this would not have been possible.
18. Owing to the nature of the business and the technologies involved some or part of the technology or data might be hosted or kept at an international location.
19.For most international purchases the final checkout amount includes shipping, in exceptional cases for remote places there might be additional charges and which would be communicated to the customer over email.
20.Delivery of items may take from 5 to 7 days from the day/date of purchase.
21.We do not and will never share your personal details with any one.
22.We only sell new and genuine items.
23.The terms may change without notice.
24.Our parent company Debopriyo Sanyal Internet (OPC) Private Limited is registered with a CIN of CIN:U72900WB2018OPC227046.
25.We have enabled insta returns once the item reaches us in the desired condition.
26.We have now enabled 2 payment gateways, one of which paypal accepts both international(in USD) and domestic payment(in INR) while the other one(Payu) does not accept international payments but accepts only domestic payments in INR.
27.Our registered office address is at : 2a, Tower-3, Radhachura apartment,Akankha complex, Rajarhat New Town, Kolkata-700161, West Bengal, India .You can also reach us at :+91-7829907767
28.Do not be worried if you do not see your item after purchase on our page, it just means that the stocks got over and we have auto removed the item from display
29.Our supported browsers are Apple Safari,Google chrome, Microsoft edge, Mozilla Firefox and Opera
30.Now you can sell with us too, we charge a nominal 10 % of the revenue as platform fees and this includes the gateway charges.For selling with us you would need a GST Number,Bank account number with online transfer facility, CIN/Trade license number and 3 photos of each item you plan to sell with us.Drop us an email at : contactus@gangabiz.com to know more and start selling with us.Postage and packaging of the item being sold would be done/borne by the seller.
31.All seller settlement would be done on a 33 day rolling counter basis as we have a 32 day refund policy.
32.For international orders owing to delays arising out of customs clearance, an international order can take upto 30-40 days to reach its destination.
33.Our FSSAI licence number is 22818013004108.
34.Grocery items delivery is now limited within the city limits of Kolkata, as we are starting it on a limited scope validity basis.
35.A couple of pictures in the grocery section may have been sourced from the net owing to their good photography, reasonable care has been taken to not infringe on applicable copyrights, and in the instances photos have been used from the net we are grateful to the photographers. In the event you feel that select grocery item photography used should be removed please let us know and we would remove it from display.
36.Our GST number is 19AAGCD7763C1CT.